«La Kinderfabrik»: that’s what locals called the home for unwed mothers and their babies. In the village, people did not like to talk about the «Foyer St. Joseph» in Belfond.
Children like Nicole and Urs were born here – hidden from neighbors, families and the surrounding community.

«Foyer St-Joseph» in Belfond (1952-1978)

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Le Franc Montagnard

Schweizer Familie.

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Die Zeit

The ‘Mensch’ of my life is Me

«Häutungen» (Shedding), became a cult book of the women’s movement in 1975.
In it, the Swiss author Verena Stefan relentlessly describes her escape from the patriarchal world. The film shows how she increasingly became the “Mensch of her life” and portrays her and people who were close to her.


“The Mensch of my life is me” about the Swiss author Verena Stefan will be shown on
Sunday, September 25 at 11h25 on 3sat and remains afterwards 30 days in the Mediathek,
where it will be accessible from D, A and CH.


Documentary 52 min, by Christian Walther

A film about exceptional people in an extraordinary city.


Die Rückkehrer

A documentary by Christian Walther

Iqrit in northern Galilee is a ghost town. 1948, the greek-catholic population was displaced and – since then – may only return to celebrate mass in the village church.
On holidays, such as Easter, hundreds of former Iqrit residents pilgrim to the small dilapidated church on the hill.


SRF1 – Sternstunde Religion,  January, 7th  2018

play RTS „les gens d’Iqrit“ (samedi le 18 février à 13h25)

Sternstunde Religion  (Mediathek) 21.  August 2016 um 10:30h SRF1


In der Nacht fliegt die Seele weiter

«At night, the soul flies further» continues to be at the International Film Festival on Disability in Cannes in the Official Selection 2017


Pina Dolce is an artist with no eyes. Her work and her life tell of a sensual perception of the world.

The documentary about Pina Dolce was broadcasted on Swiss Television SRF – 28 June at 11:55 AM.     SRF

Int. Film Festival on Disability 2017, Cannes  (Official Selection 2017) IFFD
Solothurner Filmtage 2014,
Biberacher Filmfestspiele 2014



Angelehnt – Gunter Frentzel

Documentary 28 min, by Pedro Haldemann

In memory of Gunter Frentzel
14.7.1935 – 25.3.2017

«Actually, I’m going nomadic art. My biggest problem is just: Where do I set down my tent ?»

Solothurner Zeitung 14.6.2017


The Prison and The Priest

A film by Ivo Kummer and Armin Menzi

The daily work of the Benedictine missionary Peter Meienberg is determined by the life of the prisoners in Nairobi. The film tells in various stories of prisoners who Peter Meienberg stands as a helper and «good soul» for the people locked in.


Mein Anker

A film by Renata Münzel

Albert Anker is an artist whos work is full of prejudices and ideological misunderstandings. It is worthwhile now to rediscover him. The history of the Ankers life and work is also a piece of Swiss history, in a rapidly renewing world of the 19th century.

Schang Hutter – Sculptor

A film by Ivo Kummer

The portrait of sculptor Schang Hutter explores the question of what has influenced the artist in his work and shows important stages and turning points of his artistic career and life between 1982-2007.

Flaschen und Götter

A film by Felix Tissi

She knows nothing of his death he knows nothing of her birth. Mexico and India and the old dream of a one-way ticket. In a cinematic essay, two opposite stories about the circle of life, death and birth come together to a love story.

Viva la muerte

A film by Felix Tissi

As part of  “The Dance of Death in Contemporary Art” the film will be shown on November 6th and 7th in Cinema Rex Bern.

Doctor Chromsky said he could do nothing more for me, and he was in wonderful accordance with my employer‘s opinion. Finally, I was offered help in one of these travel agencies.