Angelehnt – Gunter Frentzel

Documentary 28 min, by Pedro Haldemann

In memory of Gunter Frentzel
14.7.1935 – 25.3.2017

Gunter Frentzel lived and worked at the forest edge in Rüttenen. Based on the Jura chain with great foresight on the central plateau of Switzerland.

The art prize winners (1999) of the Canton of Solothurn recorded for several years great success. His sculptures are part of international collections and his works are placed in different cities in public spaces and museums. In Paris, Bern, Mannheim, Cologne, Lisbon, Joao Pessoa (BR) and also in Solothurn.

Gunter Frentzel celebrated his 80th birthday last year. In the house of arts in Solothurn, he finished an impressive exhibition. In December 2011,  a major solo exhibition was dedicated to him at the Museum of Arts, Solothurn.

Solothurner Zeitung 14.6.2017

press kit

Master of Art Film Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, in competition, April 12-30, 2018

Cinema Uferbau, Solothurn  June 19th and 20th, 2017, 6.15 PP
Movie Pre- premiere  June 11th, 2017, 5 PM, townhall  ( Alte Turnhalle)  in Rüttenen
Movie Premiere  June 18th, 2017, 6 PM, Cinema Uferbau, Solothurn

Camera: Daniel Leippert
Sound: Olivier JeanRichard
Edit: Fränze Aerni
Music: Ben Jeger
Director: Pedro Haldemann