Die Rückkehrer

Documentary, 30 min, by Christian Walther

The place Iqrit you will not find at today’s maps. Until 1948, it was a flourishing Christian village in northern Galilee. Then came the Israeli War of Independence. The Palestinians call it Naqba (the catastrophe). Hundreds of thousands had to leave their villages and towns. Also Iqrit was one of those villages. Until today, the residents may not return and rebuild their village, although there are several court decisions that confirm them just that. They are allowed to worship and on high holidays hundreds are pilgrim to the small dilapidated church on the hill, the only building in the village not destroyed.

Ma’arouf Ashkar                                                         Amir Ashkar
Niva Grünzweig, (Zochrot)                                                           Iqrit
Emmanuel Nahshon                                             Souhail Khoury

Press kit

Sternstunde Religion  (Mediathek) 21.  August 2016 um 10:30h SRF1

play SRF1 – Sternstunde Religion  on January 7th, 2018
play RTS „les gens d’Iqrit“ (samedi le 18 février à 13h25)

Documentary, 30. Min., SRF Sternstunde Religion

Written and directed by: Christian Walther
Cinematographer: Tulik Galon
Sound / Music: Sami Darwish Al-Kurd
Editing, Grading: Christian Müller, schnittplatz
Sounddesign: himex:sounddesign

Production: Insertfilm AG