In der Nacht fliegt die Seele weiter

A film by Peter Jaeggi

Blind Basel resident artist Pina Dolce paints, produces videos, photographs. She also enjoys being photographed and writing poetry. Pina Dolce says: be blind does not mean to see nothing. Her paintings tell of a sensual perception of the world that can challenge the views of people being able to see. For her largest work ever Pina Dolce has invested a lot. «At night, the soul flies further» is titled the big painting. It shows a perspective of the universe which stands for the artistic vision of its creator: the darkness as a protected space. The ability to see in it something new. But Pina Dolce is also a wife and mother. And as much as she understands her life as a creative challenge: that she could never see her own son Viviano, breaks her heart.

«Painting is a bridge between me and life. It is a mission, a service on love.» Pina Dolce



Documentary, DCP, 52min, 2013

with  Pina Dolce, Urs Hodel und Viviano
Directed by:
Peter Jaeggi
Cinematography: Daniel Leippert, Pierre Reischer
Sound: Olivier JeanRichard
Editing: Fränze Aerni
Music: Ben Jeger
Producer: Pedro Haldemann
Set Manager: Franziska Trefzer
Decors: Madeleine Lehmann
Consultant: Paul Riniker

Int. Film Festival on Disability 2017, Cannes  (Official Selection 2017) IFFD
Solothurner Filmtage 2014,
Biberacher Filmfestspiele 2014