Peter K. – Alone against the state

Sandra Stadler and Bänz Isler won the «MFA Award» for «Best Soundtrack» for the film music of «Peter K. – Alleine gegen den Staat».

Manfred Liechti«Best Actor» «Swiss Film Award 2023»


Sandra Stadler and Bänz Isler won the «New York International Film Award» for «Best Soundtrack» for the film music of «Peter K. – Alleine gegen den Staat».

Cinema Release in Suisse Romandie

Peter K.’s battles with the state force him to face his most fearsome and unpredictable opponent: himself.

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Welcome to Iceland

A Roadmovie on foot by Felix Tissi

In the desolate Icelandic highlands, two lowbrow lovers lose their ride, a suited suicide his trigger finger, and a nuclear family their center. Losing their way and their reasons, they fall apart while coming together. A drama rich in comedy, arid plains, and empty stomachs.

«Welcome to Iceland» wins Berner Filmpreis 201


Chicken Mexicaine

A film by Armin Biehler

12 years in prison. Roby Schmucker is at the bottom. In prison there is nothing like before. The gait is harder. Only someone who has friends will survive. The director has a skeleton in the closet and a son in jail. This is the key to freedom.

Escape to Paradise

A film by Nino Jacusso

After a successful escape to Switzerland, Semuz and his family are waiting and hoping and trying to overcome the hurdles of Swiss asylum system. A tragic yet amusing story from the refugees milieu of Switzerland.

Who’s next?

A film by Felix Tissi

Swiss cowboy Max finds himself at Rome. There he meets his great love. But Maria has deadly intentions. In the farthest Siberia Max wins her heart. A grotesque road movie.


A film by Nino Jacusso

With criminal creativity, the poor south brings back what the rich north has taken away from him. The story of an ingenious kidnapping takes along the audience: to a world of archaic justice.