Welcome to Iceland

A Roadmovie on foot by Felix Tissi


In the desolate Icelandic highlands, two lowbrow lovers lose their ride, a suited suicide his trigger finger, and a nuclear family their center. Losing their way and their reasons, they fall apart while coming together. A drama rich in comedy, arid plains, and empty stomachs.


«Welcome to Iceland» wins Berner Filmpreis 2016

„Ionescu on the Lava-Rocks. Das ist ziemlich lustig und ein schönes bisschen kauzig.“ (….) „stellt einen künstlerischen Eigensinn unter Beweis, der sich wohltuend abhebt von der oft bejammerten Mutlosigkeit des Schweizer Films.“
Regula Fuchs, Der Bund

Welcome to Iceland, Swiss humour on the Icelandic plains
Audiences at Solothurn responded enthusiastically to the film, a comedy that meets a certain need for “levity” and escape, topped off with a (healthy) dose of irony and humour in Swiss form. So yes, even the Swiss like to laugh, and loudly at that.
Cinéuropa, by Muriel Del Don


Worldpremiere at the Solothurn Film Festival 2016
Nominated for the Prix de Public 2016
Friday, 22nd January 2016, Reithalle, 20:45 PM
Tuesday, 26th January 2016, Concert Hall, 11:30 AM

5. – 16.10.2016 Festival Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal
22.-30.10 2016 Int. Filmfestival Molodist, Kiew

Fiction, CinemaScope, 96 Min, Release 2016

Written and directed by: Felix Tissi
Cast: Marcus Signer, Dominique Jann, Maryam Zaree, Julia Brendler, Nicola Mastroberadino, Anton Zacher, Luise Zacher, Joost Siedhoff, Jochen Regelien, Liliane Naef
Cinematography: Birgit Gudjonsdottir
Sound: Balthasar Jucker
Editing: Thomas Bachmann, Felix Tissi
Color: Peter Guyer
Mix: Peter von Siebenthal
Distribution:  Aardvark Filmemporium, Mark Pasquesi