Who’s next?


Max would have remained forever on his lonely alp. But there is this Yankee telling him that he can conquer any woman with an Edelweiss. Max has an Edelweiss and she lives in Rome and has the unusual name Maria. But not only noble intentions. It’s about life and death. Max goes with his Edelweiss and wins Mary as his wife. Everything looks like a happy ending, but then Max finds himself in the farthest Siberia. He never wanted to go there. In a deadly showdown Max follows Marias trail of blood. Nothing should be spared in this black slapstick. Love certainly not. A happy ending will be there anyway.

Fiction, 35mm, 78  Min., 2000

Written and directed by: Felix Tissi
Cast: Yves Progin, Rossana Mortara u.v.a.
Cinematography: Daniel Leippert
Sound: Olivier JeanRichard, Felix Singer
Costume designer: Karin Tissi
Production Manager: Marina Goiny, Jacqueline Dolder, Marianne Eggenberger
Editing: Felix Tissi, Maja Schmid
Music: Büne Huber

Festivals: among others: Int. Hofer Filmtage, Mar del Plata, St. Petersburg, Karlov Vyvary, Kairo, Talin, Kyiev, Moskau