Peter K. – Alone against the state

A feature film by Laurent Wyss



Cinema Release in Suisse Romandie

After the death of his mother, Peter K. is threatened with eviction from her home where he cared for her. He struggles to defend his refuge from his estranged sister, the city government, and finally, armed police.

His conspiracy theories and writings spiral into a violent reality, making him a renegade celebrity. His growing fear and solitude bring on childhood nightmares, while his court battle reveals a dark family past.

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Feature, CinemaScope, 86 Min, Release 2018

Written and directed:  Laurent Wyss
Cast: Manfred Liechti, Sibylle Brunner, Hanspeter Bader
Stefanie Günther Pizarro, Thomas Loosli
Camera: Daniel Leippert
Sound: Patrick Fluri / Olivier JeanRichard
Light: Hanspeter Wieland, Silas Thommen, Eric Walther, Pierre Reischer
Assisstant director: Sandra Reichenwallner
make-up artist: Ernst Lüthi
Costumes Design: Manon Kündig, Heidi Gruber
Wardrobe: Heidi Gruber
Location Manager: Julien Grindat
DIT: Patrick Fluri

Music: sonderfilmmusic Sandra Stadler, Bänz Isler
Special Effects: Micha Hurni
Editing: Micha Hurni
Grading: RecTv
Mix: Peter von Siebenthal

Co-producer: Badlandfilms, Bienne, Julien Grindat, Patrick Fluri
Producer: Pedro Haldemann

Distribution: Aardvark Filmemporium Mark Pasquesi