1. Performance of the Production Company

The Insertfilm & Cie. is committed to deliver the services listed on the offer deadline. For additional expenses, in case of a delayed work by third parties or for events that the officer was not responsible, the Contractor shall not be liable for late delivery.

2. Offer / Additional Expenses

The services of the agents are determined principally by the contents of the written offer. For beyond these additional expenses to the client’s request, the parties agree in writing the additional compensation.

3. Copyright

All rights to the entire image, sound and text material, inclusive the final product remain in the posession of Insertfilm & Cie. and may not be used for promotional purposes and acquisition. The final product may be used by the customer as part of the measures provided for in the offer purpose.

For a second or more use and more processing of the product or any portion thereof, the client must obtain the express written consent of the Insertfilm & Cie. and possibly to compensate accordingly. In particular, it is a retransmission of the final product or parts, without the consent of the Insertfilm & Cie. expressly excluded.

4. Copyright of Third Parties

The Insertfilm & Cie. also exposes used in the product picture and sound material of third parties, as far as it is aware of the institution of copyright. Possibly due compensation of third party rights are expressly not in pay between the insert Film & Cie. contain and are compensated by the principal to the third party separately.

The settlement of third party rights is in any case not to be understood as contained in the offer additional costs for the client.

If the Insertfilm & Cie. has arisen for the compensation of third party rights, the costs have to be paid by the client.

5. Delivery information

In the case of customer provided content (video, audio and text material) must be integrated into the product, they must be sent and delivered in a readable format and for the timely completion of the order in time to Insertfilm & Cie. The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that use of the material provided does not infringe any third party rights. Insertfilm & Cie. is not liable for delays or the inability to re-use the agreed performance due to injured third party rights. Also, the compensation for the performance of the Insertfilm & Cie. is still due in full.

During further processing of this content, the Insertfilm & Cie. assumes that the authorization for such use is present and no third party rights are violated accordingly.

6. Legal Basis

Basically, the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations applied in Art.394 ff. beyond the simple job. Jurisdiction is the registered office of the Insertfilm & Cie.

Conditions (for orders)

By submitting an order, the buyer expressly agree to these Terms. All orders are binding. Delivery time information is not binding. If delivery is delayed you will be notified by email. You have the option if delivery has not been sent to let them cancel. Products can be ordered by email or post.


We supply excl. delivery costs and  VAT and invoice. Deliveries are made only to end customers. We reserve the right for quantity restrictions. Should one of the items you have in stock, the delivery of the remaining items are not affected. Missing articles will be replenished as soon as possible.


Calculated the price that is listed at the time of your order on our website. Excluding shipping. Delivery delay never leads to a price reduction.


Per shipment is an invoice. The VAT will be shown on the invoice.

Term of Payment

Invoices are payable within 10 days net.


All offered items are intended for your personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use constitutes an infringement of copyright. The making of copies for the purpose of sale, commercial association, public broadcasting or passing or transfer to third parties is prohibited.

Privacy Policy

Necessary for the transaction data is stored. All personal data is handled confidentially.


Insertfilm & Cie. closes the extent permitted by law all liability for delivered / sold products.

Applicable law, Place of Jurisdiction

The legal relationships are governed by Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Solothurn.