Mein Anker

A film by Renata Münzel

Albert Anker is an artist whos work is full of prejudices and ideological misunderstandings. It is worthwhile now to rediscover him. The history of the Ankers life and work is also a piece of Swiss history, in a rapidly renewing world of the 19th century. In the film, different people talking about their Albert Anker. From these personal opinions results the image of a extremly talented, but also cautious person, a cosmopolitan European, an artist who wanted to decently feed his family, and was always torn between paid and his proper creative work.

Documentary, HD 16:9, 52min, 2010

Directed by: Renata Münzel
Cinematography: Daniel Leippert
Sound: Olivier JeanRichard
Editing: Christian Müller
Music: Tino Marhaler
Sounddesign: Pedro Haldemann

Producer: Ivo Kummer, Insertfilm AG
Production Manager: Fränze Aerni