A film by Christian Walther

Leukerbad, 1951. On a winter day, writer James Baldwin comes in the small mountain village to finish his first novel. He is the first black man in the village therefore creates unease between the locals. Although people know who he is, they do not call him by his name. And they do not seem to understand that an American can be black. And then he carries with him an unknown device, with which he can write down his thoughts, a typewriter. On this machine, he wrote his famous text, «Stranger in the village», a critical reflection on the luxury of the white men to continue regarding him as a stranger.

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Directed by: Christian Walther
Cinematography: Daniel Leippert, Elia Lyssy
Sound: Christian Walther, Olivier JeanRichard
Editing: Christian Müller
Music: Nils Petter Molvaer
Sounddesign: himex:sounddesign
Speaker: Beat Albrecht
Producer: Pedro Haldemann
Production Manager: Fränze Aerni
Pacte de L‘audiovisuel, SRG SSR: Urs Augstburger