Escape to Paradise

A film by Nino Jacusso

After a successful escape to Switzerland, Semuz and his family are waiting and hoping and trying to overcome the hurdles of Swiss asylum system. A tragic yet amusing story from the refugees milieu of Switzerland.

Fiction, 35mm, 90 Min., CinemaScope, Dolby Digital Surround EX, 2001

Written an directed by: Nino Jacusso
Cast: Walo Lüönd, Emil Steinberger, Düzgün Ayhan, Fidan Firat u.v.a.
Cinematography: Daniel Leippert
Sound: Andy Litmanowitsch, Olivier JeanRichard
Music: Pedro Haldemann und Ben Jeger


Festivals: San Sebastián, Saarbrücken, Mar del Plata and others

Awards: San Sebastian, «Silver Shell» for the best acting and Special Prize of the International Film Critics FIPRESCI