Chicken Mexicaine

A film by Armin Biehler

12 years in prison. Escape or suicide. An escape attempt fails. Roby Schmucker is at the bottom. In prison there is nothing like before. The gait is harder. Only someone who has friends will survive. The director has a skeleton in the closet and a son in jail. This is the key to freedom. Roby Schmucker refutes the fight of his life.

feature film, 35mm, 96 Min., CinemaScope, Dolby Digital Surround EX, 2007

Written and directed by: Armin Biehler
Cast: Bruno Cathomas, Peter Ruehring, Juana von Jascheroff, Oliver Zgorelec, Marcus Schaefer
Production: Triluna Film in Koproduktion mit Insertfilm AG und


Awards: Swiss Film Award Quartz for Best Actor